More of the most useful properties of lavender


   As we already mentioned, lavender was used in the past by Romans, Greeks and even Egyptians. With its intoxicating aroma and dark violet colors, the plant was contributing mainly in cosmetic treatments, soothing the skin and perfumed it. Lavender flowers had been sprinkled in the baths of the rich and royalty Romans. Greeks soon learned how to process them in perfume.

Over time, people have found many other applications of the fragrant plant that positively affect on the human body as a remedy for burns, sickness and bleeding, it is used in medicine, cosmetics, gastronomy and garden.

Fights infections and reduces pain

The tannins, contained in the lavender flowers, fight off bacteria on any kind of sores and prevent their infection. Furthermore, lavender oil helps to suppress nerve impulses, which are responsible for the pain. If you add only a dozen drops of lavender oil to 150 ml of water, you will get a natural and effective remedy to flush the infected spot and you will heal it quickly.

Relieves pain in the stomach

Lavender tea is an interesting way of modification of the medical plant to use his qualities. It has a favorable effect on the digestive system and relaxes the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract and reduces spasms throughout the abdomen. To relieve the pain, just brew two teaspoons fresh or dried lavender flowers in a cup of hot water for ten minutes, add honey and enjoy the unique taste and aroma of tea.

Heals acne

Thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic action, lavender is often a preferred way for solving acne problems and other skin irritations. It cures quickly, soothes redness and inflammation and disinfects the skin without leaving scars.

Reduces stress

In Japan, they have proven through research that linalool (a substance contained in some flowers) calms nerves, removes the accumulated tension and helps reduce stress. The substance is present in the aroma of lavender flowers, so you can just sow lavender in your yard and enjoy its fragrance and beauty. To get rid of daily stress can also sprinkle lavender around the room, make a fragrant bath with lavender flowers or oil.

Heals emotional irritations

As mentioned, the molecules linalool contained in the fragrance of blooms. They stimulate nerves and balance the central nervous system. This makes natural lavender and natural remedy against stress, panic, depression and fatigue. To take advantage of this action of the plant, use lavender oil massage the whole body, especially around the spine and to the neck. You can do inhalations with it or just put a little on your hands and inhale it.

Cure headaches

They say that Queen Elizabeth I had been drinking lavender tea because it has a positive influence for her frequent headaches. To ease the pain in the head, drink a cup of lavender tea or apply lavender oil on your forehead and temples with massaging movements, avoiding the area around your eyes.


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