Another few useful and natural lavender products

We introduce you a few very useful, healthy and natural products derived from pure lavender and lavender oil, which will surely find wide application in every household.

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Interesting facts from the history about lavender

Lavender is a plant whose essential oils today is used for many purposes. It has many uses, such as for cosmetic baths, to fight stress, to be sprayed onto the pillow for better sleep and even to be applied directly

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How to grow lavender in your back yard

Province of southern France is a region known for its vast fields of lavender grown for the perfume industry. In North America, bushy perennial plant is popular mainly because of its color and flavor and serves to enrich each landscape

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More of the most useful properties of lavender

With its intoxicating aroma and dark violet colors, the plant was contributing mainly in cosmetic treatments, soothing the skin and perfumed it. Lavender flowers had been sprinkled in the baths of the rich and royalty Romans.

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