About us

In our farm we grow the lavender sort Lavandula Angustifolia.

We take care of all our lavender plants, using completely natural methods.

Allproducts presented in our website are handmade.

We dry naturally our lavender plants, so they can be used in bouquets of dried lavender, or be processed further.

The rest of the production is harvested for the making of oil.The lavender plants are always picked by hand or with precise plant machines, placed in baskets and carried to the distillary. Wherein distilled water is added, and the process of heating the water to create steam, begins. After that, the steam is cooled and the oil remains on the surface of the water to be filtered and used to make wonderful lavender products.

Our Lavender Oil is extracted by 100% pure steam distillation method without adding of any chemical and preservative ingredients in order to get one excellent, pure and natural product.

We grow our own lavender plants, so we can control the quality of our products. Soaps and lotions, scented bath oils, creams and balms are just some of thehandmade goods we offer.

We have always understood the importance of offering environmentally friendly products that are completely natural. Our passion,foreverything lavender, is the reason to create our online store.

Themost important thingto us, is to make sure our customers always receive only the high qualitive products and professional service.

We are deeply concerned about the environment in which we live. That is why, we strive to offer to our customers only pure, 100% natural products of true lavender.

We think carefully before adding product to the site. Each and every one of them must meet our strict criteria for quality, and to be beneficial and beautiful.