Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation. Like all essential oils, it is not a clear compound but a complex mixture of natural phytochemicals, incl. linalol and linalyl acetate. Click here

Dry lavender blossom

Lavender is known as aromatic plant with highly aromatic essential oil since ancient times. It is widely used in Bulgarian medicine. The flowers are relatively small... Click here

Benefits and uses of lavender

Most often lavender is grown for extraction of lavender oil, from lavender inflorescences are also produced products against moths, teas, spices for cooking, fragrance... Click here

Lavender has been known since ancient times

Lavender has been known as an aromatic plant since ancient times. It is widely used in folk medicine. Its widespread use is now because of the essential oils that are extracted from the colors, which are widely used in perfumery, for fragrancing soaps, in the production of paints and varnishes, and more.

Lavender is also a spice

Lavender is also used as a spice. Participates in the famous blend of herbs de Provence spices.

Lavender is also used as an anti-erosion crop, and its reduced soil requirements make it suitable for growing fields where main crops cannot be cultivated.

Bulgaria is a leader in lavender production

Lavender is an insecticidal agent, especially to combat the moth ancestor, and has replaced the use of naphthalene in the civilized world for everyday use.
Lavender is a valuable honey plant. From 1 ha bees collect 10 – 18 kg of honey.