Dried Lavender Blossoms – Bulk

Dried Lavender Blossoms –  Bulk

Lavender is known as aromatic plant with highly aromatic essential oil since ancient times. It is widely used in medicine. The flowers are relatively small, they are placed in a beautiful cluster ring. Corolla funnel is bilabial. There are two longer parts of the upper lip and 3 short of the lower lip. The color is usually purple, pale pink, blue or white. It has four stamens. The fruit is smooth, dry and oval nut in shiny black color.

State: Dried Lavender bundles or bulk with stems from Lavandula Angustifolia (true lavender).

Lavandula.BG Dried Lavender’s Blossom Quality Indicators:

Outward: Dried Lavender Blossom in bundles or bulk with stems
Color: Blue to blue-violet
Odour: Pleasant, strong, specific
Moisture, in %, up to: 12
Allowable parts of the herb – changed, faded, withered, in %, up to: 5
– parts of other plants, in %, up to:    0,30
– side mineral impurities, in %, up to:    0,30
Presence of molds, insects and larvae:         Not allowed











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