About Us

We are a company operating in several economic areas, one of which is modern agriculture, specializing in the creation and development of 100% natural lavender products  here in Bulgaria. As a result, today we and our partners are among the fastest growing manufacturers and marketers of Lavender Oil, Lavender’s Blossoms (Flower heads, buds and bindles) and products based on them. Distilleries of our partners boil both its own products and of other, ie outside our organization  lavender farmers.

Mission of this site is to collect and systematize in one place the most important information about the plant and its derivative products, its importance, methods of cultivation and use. And also to become a source of useful and practical information for small and medium-sized producers and traders, and all who are interested in lavender.

In this site you can:

– Learn what is a lavender plant;

– Read tips on how to create and grow lavender;

– Learn how to distill lavender oil lavender;

– Read what it is the use of lavender oil, lavender flowers and its derivatives;

– Acquaint yourself first with the latest news in the field;

– Participate in the specialized forum;

– Other.

Our main goal is always to be nearby and available to our clients and partners. To publish up to date, useful and practical information on the sector of growing lavender and production of lavender essential oil and flower. To help keeping the international leadership position of Bulgaria in the industry.

Varna 9010, local. Sotira 549, phone: +359 52 992289, +359 89 8406080, email: lavandula.bg @ gmail.com