Exporting collected lavender (video)

Exporting collected lavender (video) Once workers fill the big bags with harvested plants, bearers pour them in a small trailer to be transported from the field. After that plants are transferred to a large trailer. Once filled, the big trailer

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Harvesting lavender – by hand (video)

Harvesting lavender – by hand (video) It is estimated that by the fourth year of growth, lavender plantations are suppose to be reaped by hand, not by machines, in order to protect tuffs and their proper development. In the video

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Distilling lavender oil (video)

Once transported to the distillery, lavenders are is stuffed into the cauldron for boiling. Average pressure under which the oil is extracted is 3-5 atmospheres. Through the process of steam distillation, lavender oil, along with water, flows in special containers

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Benefits and uses of lavender

Here you can find the most common uses of lavender Most often lavender is grown for extraction of lavender oil, from lavender inflorescences are also produced products against moths, teas, spices for cooking, fragrance products and decorations. The essential oil

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About lavender

In this article, we will provide you important information about lavender plants. Lavender (lat. Lavender) is essential – oil plant from the family of Lamiaceae. There are over 30 botanical species of the genus Lavandula, which are broadly classified into

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